Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher are Engaged

In February 2014, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced that they were engaged. The two were co-stars on That 70s Show and became friends after meeting on the show. Ashton and Mila went public with their relationship back in 2011. Sources have reported that the two are very happy, and marriage is something that they both want.


This will be the first marriage for Mila and the second for Ashton. Ashton married Demi Moore in September 2005. Kutcher filed for divorce in November 2012, and the divorce was finalized one year later. The two had no children together.


Kunis once had a long-term relationship with Macaulay Caulkin. Rumors surfaced that the two were going to get married, but Kunis stated marriage was not something that was important to her at the time. Two couple split in 2011.


Not only are Mila and Ashton planning a wedding, but they are also preparing for the birth of the first child. Mila confirmed her engagement and pregnancy on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Numerous sources have stated that Ashton and Mila are expecting a baby girl.


The couple has not revealed the due date. When Ellen DeGenereas asked about Mila about the due date, She replied, “Sometime this year.” Even though this will be Ashton’s first child, he has had plenty of practice caring for ex-wife’s children. Ashton reportedly grew very close to Demi’s three daughters.


Mila and Ashton are reportedly trying to be as quiet about their lives as they can. However, it is hard to keep your personal life private when you are in the spotlight. According to US Weekly, Ashton and Mila have also brought a house together.


The house reportedly cost $10.215 million and is located in Beverly Hills, California. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also has a swimming pool and a luscious green lawn. US Weekly reports that the home is very different from the other two homes Ashton had in the past. The home that he stayed in prior to moving in with Mila had eight bedrooms and five bedrooms. According to US Weekly, the home is the perfect place for a family. It has the security and privacy that Ashton and Mila want.


According to People Magazine, Ashton has been taking very good care of his pregnant fiancée. He has been telling her how beautiful she is, and he understands the changes that she is going through her pregnancy.


Ashton also prepared for his future wife’s pregnancy cravings by stocking the refrigerator with ice cream and pickles. Additionally, he has been preparing for the arrival of his first child by taking Russian language classes twice a week. He has been taking the classes for the past six months. The reason he is taking Russian language classes is that he wants to communicate with the baby in the language.


Mila is also committed to staying healthy during her pregnancy. She has been staying active by doing yoga, pilates, and spinning. She has also revealed that she plans to have a natural birth and has been meeting with doulas in order to discuss her options. Some sources have reported that Mila will have her sister in law by her side when she is giving birth. Mila’s sister in law, Katie Hightower, is currently in the process of getting her midwife certification. Katie Hightower is the wife of Ashton’s brother, Michael. Ashton supports Mila’s decision to have a natural birth 100 percent.


The couple has not said much about their wedding, but they have stated that they will be getting married before the baby is born. They have also stated they want to have a traditional wedding. Ashton also said the reason he does not want to reveal a lot of information about his relationship is that he wants his marriage to be perfect. Mila was actually spotted with her ring two months before she and Ashton confirmed their engagement. People assumed that Ashton and Mila were engaged long before they confirmed their engagement.


Ashton and Mila are both very excited about starting their new life together. Sources report that all Ashton can talk about is being a father. Mila is also very excited about motherhood. May they have a healthy baby who is not as mischievous as Jake and Tricky in Subway Surfers!