How To Have Hair Like Paris Hilton | Fashion Trend

You Too Can Sport Paris Hilton’s HOT Hairdo


The fans of celebrities, fashion, and hairdos are crazy about the styles that the people in the entertainment business sport. There are countless publications, television shows, and websites devoted to the following of these trendsetters. Some of the people in the limelight are loved and some are not so much. Whichever the choice, the fashions, and styles are not overlooked. As is the case with Paris Hilton’s jagged bob haircut.


To achieve this look of blonde on blonde works the best with fine straight hair. For those who adorn a head of curls, this look is not for them. The simplicity of this hairdo allows it to be a quick wash and go hairdo. This look can be achieved regardless of the texture of the hair. To create this HOT look, follow these simple steps.


1. The Cut
Steep angles frame her face with this chin length bob. The key to this cut is clean lines. The first cut should be a foundation layer cut at the base of the neck. It is essential that this cut be clean and straight. Bring down the remaining hair in sections and cut them to the same length. The next step in the cut is to razor the layers of hair to give it a soft modern look.


2. The Color
The best hair colors for this type of look are light brown to dark blonde. The color that Paris uses in her hair is a platinum blonde coloring. The look is done by sectioning off pieces of the hair from the top and applying the highlights in streaks down the sides.


3. The Style
A large round paddle hairbrush with stiff bristles made from natural and synthetic materials will keep hair from poofing up. When too much body is added to this look, the result is a “helmet” looking hairdo. You won’t want to look like a Musketeer in Clash Royale!

For those who have fine hair, it may be necessary to use a bit of volumizing foam before drying. Use a hair dryer to rough dry your hair to remove the extra moisture. Use your fingers to toss hair around as you dry your entire head.

For those with thick or wavy hair, start drying your hair immediately with the brush. This is done by taking large sections of hair and running the brush along the underside of the hair, running down the length of the hair without pulling or winding in the brush.


4. The Finish
A great stylist will always come back and finish off the cut after your hair is dry. Dry hair hangs differently and there will be pieces that need to be trimmed. This will eliminate any stray hairs and assure a straight hairline. Flat iron any wavy sections that are present.


5. The Polish
Using a polishing cream, distribute it evenly through the ends of the hair. This gives the hairdo its polished look.


When it comes to expensive hairdos, you do not have to be Paris Hilton to achieve this million dollar look.